Old and New Names of Cities of Pakistan | GK

Old and New Names of Cities of Pakistan is an important part of Pakistan Studies as well as General Knowledge portion in PPSC, FPSC, NTS, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, PMS & CSS MPT and other exams. 

1. Old name of Lahore City was:
a. Mahmood Buti
b. Mahmoodabad
c. Mahmoodpur
d. None of these

2. KPK was previously named as
a. Neroonkot
b. Peshawar

3. Hyderabad city old name was:
a. Pershapur
b. Ajudhan
c. Cambellpur
d. NeroonKot

4. Neroonkot changed into Hyderabad in:
a. 1768
b. 1767
c. 1766
d. 1765

5. Bilabad is the new name of which city
a. Phool Nagar
b. Kot Adu
c. Faisalabad
d. Kot Radha Kishan

6. Phool Nagar is the new name of:
a. Attock
b. Bahawalnagr
c. Bahawalpur
d. BhaiPhero

7. Mandi Hera Singh is the old name of:
a. Mandi Bahauddin
b. Hawalian
c. Mandi Ahmadabad
d. None of these

8. Old name of Quetta was:
a. Cambell Pur
b. Shor Kot
c. Shal Kot
d. Sibi

9. New name of Pershapur city:
a. Mardan
b. Swat
c. Balakot
d. Peshawar

10. Madras was formerly recognized as:
a. Gorge Town
b. Hindu Bagh
c. Fort Sandeman
d. None of these