Competitive English MCQs for Exams

English language is considered a global language and is generally used in International Communication, commerce, science and technology. Some of the Government Departments often need to engage in discussions, negotiations and collaborations at International level where English is adopted as a common language. Besides, official documents, agreements and orders are written in English language. The officials must be able to understand and clarify such documents to make well informed decisions and concise policies. This is why Competitive English MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) in PPSC and FPSC exams play an important role in evaluating candidates’ language proficiency and communication skills.

Importance of English Language in Government Exams

  • Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Communication Skills Evaluation
  • Access to Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Tourism and Culture Exchange
  • Access to Information

Important Topics of Basic English Questions in Exams

Basic English MCQs for FPSC and PPSC
Basic English MCQs for FPSC and PPSC

Competitive English MCQs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CSS, PMS or any other competitive exams includes:

Important English Topics
Parts of Speech
English Narration
Active and Passive Voice
English Prepositions Exercise
Sentence Structure
English Vocabulary
Idioms and Phrases
Spelling Check
Verbal Analogies
Pair of Words

English MCQs with Answers

I wish my mother ____________ alive today.
a. could
b. are
c. is
d. was

My teacher and brother _____ me in my exams preparation.
a. helped
b. were helped
c. helps
d. help

Choose the correct article. Ali bought _____ more expensive car than I do. 
a. the
b. an
c. a
d. No article

She _______ writing and thinking while she _____ it before.
a. keep / was writing
b. kept / have written
c. Kept / had written
d. Keep / Will write

I am ________ forward to weekend.
a. look
b. looked
c. looking
d. have looked

Nobody ______ taken in by his excuse.
a. are
b. were
c. was
d. None of these

He wants _______ a cold coffee.
a. to drink
b. to be drink
c. being drunk
d. None of these

They ______ for Murree without telling me.
a. leaves
b. are left
c. left
d. had left

The quality of apples _____ good.
a. had
b. were
c. was
d. are

Which word is used as a conjunction in this sentence “They will come if you invite them”?
a. If
b. come
c. Will
d. They