Important Pakistan History MCQs from 1857 to 1947

Pakistan History MCQs holds an immense importance in the context of competitive exams like PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, CSS MPT, PMS and others. The Chronological Timeline (1857-1947) expresses the birth of a nation’s identity and highlights a significant phase in the history of Pakistan distinguished by key events, societal upheavals and the struggle for independence.

Candidates preparing for one paper examinations need to prepare Pakistan Studies MCQs like Pakistan Movement 1857 to 1947, detailed historical context, the key events, important personalities and the ideology that led to the creation of a separate nation. Questions related to the partition, the Two-Nation Theory, the role of different leaders, different revolutions and the impact of colonial rule often form the basis of these examinations. During the exams candidates find difficulty in finding Pakistan History MCQs in details. So, here we have compiled important questions about Pakistan History in Urdu that will help aspirants to perform good in the exams.

Major Events 1905 to 1947

1905 —— Bengal Separation
1906 —– Muslim league was formed
1909 —- Minto Morley Reforms
1913 —– Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined Muslim league
1913 —– Incident of Kanpur
1914 —– World War-I start
1916 —- Lucknow Pact
1918 —- World War-I end
1919…Khilafat movement
1919..rowlet act
1922..Allama iqbal joined ML
1922..incident of chaura chauri
1923..Liaqat Ali Khan joined Muslim league
1927…Simon commission
1927….Delhi proposals
1928…Nehru report
1929…Jinnah’s fourteen points
1929…Khudai khidmatgar movement
1930…Allama iqbal speech at Allahabad
1930..First London confrence
1931..Second London conference
1932..Third London conference
1932..Communal award
1932..khaksaar movement or never movement
1934..quaid become permanent president of ML
1935…Govt.of India act
1937..congress ministries
1938..pirpur Report
1938..fatima jinnah joined ML war 2 start
1939..congress ministries resigned of deliverance
1940…Lahore resolution 23rd March
1942…cripps mission
1942…Quit India movement
1945…shimla conference
1945..central election
1946…provincial election
1946…Delhi convention
1946…cabinent mission

Pakistan History MCQs

When did Hindu Urdu Controversy start?
ہندو اردو تنازعہ کب شروع ہوا؟

a. 1865
b. 1866
c. 1867
d. 1868

When Indian National Congress was founded by A.O. Hume?
نے انڈین نیشنل کانگریس کی بنیاد کب رکھی؟ A.O Hume

a. 1884
b. 1885
c. 1886
d. none of these

Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental Defence Association was founded by:
محمڈن اینگلو اورینٹل ڈیفنس ایسوسی ایشن کی بنیاد کس نے رکھی تھی

a. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
b. Allama Iqbal
c. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
d. W. C Banarjee

In which year Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental Defence Association was founded?
محمڈن اینگلو اورینٹل ڈیفنس ایسوسی ایشن کی بنیاد کس سال رکھی گئی؟

a. 1890
b. 1892
c. 1893
d. 1895

In which year the partition of Bengal was announced?
بنگال کی تقسیم کا اعلان کس سال ہوا؟

a. 1901
b. 1903
c. 1905
d. 1911

Who declared the partition of Bengal in 1905?
1905میں بنگال کی تقسیم کا اعلان کس نے کیا؟

a. Lord Canning
b. Lord Mayo
c. Lord Elgin
d. Lord Curzon

Shimla Deputation (1906), under the leadership of Sir Agha Khan, contained how many members?
شملہ ڈیپوٹیشن (1906) سر آغا خان کی قیادت میں کتنے ارکان پر مشتمل تھی؟

a. 31
b. 33
c. 34
d. 35

Where All India Muslim League was formed?
آل انڈیا مسلم لیگ کہاں قائم ہوئی؟

a. Dhaka
b. Bombay
c. Sindh
d. Culcutta

In which of the following years All India Muslim League (AIML) was founded?
آل انڈیا مسلم لیگ کی بنیاد کس سال رکھی گئی؟

a. 1905
b. 1906
c. 1907
d. 1908

Among the given personalities who was the founder of All India Muslim League (AIML)?
آل انڈیا مسلم لیگ کا بانی کون تھا؟

a. Lord Irwin
b. Nawab Khwaja Salimullah
c. Lord Curzen
d. None of these