Mountain Passes in Pakistan

A mountain pass is commonly known as a navigable route through a mountain range or over ridges. Besides it acts as a corridor that allows a smooth passage between two regions. Mountain passes in Pakistan hold significant geographical, strategic and historical importance. These passes have played an important role in trade, transportation and cultural exchange between South Asia and Central Asian Countries for centuries. The Northern areas of Pakistan have some of the most remarkable and famous mountain passes.

Here we have compiled a list of Pakistan’s famous mountain passes to improve your general knowledge about the geography of Pakistan. In the government jobs exams the examiner ask questions only about the cities these passes connect alongside the mountain range where they are located. So here we just provide this sort of necessary information for you to remember this and secure excellent marks. You can also find the cities these passes connect as well as countries.

Famous Passes of Balochistan

Famous Mountain Passes of Balochistan

This section only contains the important and most asked passes of Balochistan. You can find their details below:

  • Bolan Pass
  • Khojak Pass
  • Lak Pass
  • Harnai Pass
  • Gonshero Pass

Mountain Passes of KPK

Famous Mountain Passes of KPK

Following is the list of KPK Passes:

  • Babusar Pass
  • Badgoi Pass
  • Broghil Pass
  • Gomal Pass
  • Dorah Pass
  • Bashkaro Pass
  • Khyber Pass
  • Lowari Pass
  • Malakand Pass
  • Shangla Pass

Gilgit Baltistan Famous Mountain Passes

Famous Mountain Passes of GB

Following is the list of GB Passes:

  • Kilik Pass
  • Mintaka Pass
  • Khunjerab Pass
  • Shimshal Pass
  • Muztagh Pass
  • Karakoram Pass

Passes of Pakistan

Now this section is very important for the candidates to remember for the upcoming exams. Because here we provide the details:

List of famous passes in Pakistan

Bolan Pass

  • Longest pass of Pakistan
  • Length: 89 Km
  • Connects: Quetta with Sibi
  • Mountain Range: Toba Kakar Range
  • Elevation: 1793 m (5884 ft.)

Khojak Pass

  • Known as dangerous pass in winters.
  • Also known as Friend Gate.
  • Connects: Qilla Abdullah with Chaman
  • Range: Toba Achakzai Range
  • Elevation: 2290 meters (7513 ft.)

Khyber Pass

  • Connects: Landi Kotal to Peshawar
    Kabul with Peshawar
    Pakistan with Afghanistan
    KPK province of Pakistan and Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan
  • Range: Spin Ghar (White Mountains Range/koh-e-Safaid) Range
  • Elevation: 1070 m (3510 ft.)

Gomal Pass

  • Connects: Dera Ismail Khan with Ghazni
    Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Range: Waziristan Range
  • Elevation: 1098 m (3602 ft.)
  • Range: Hindu Kush

Babusar Pass

  • Connects: Abbottabad with Gilgit (Diamer)
  • Range: Himalayas Range
  • Elevation: 4173 m (13691 ft.)

Khunjerab Pass

  • Connects: Hunza with Xinjiang
    Pakistan and China
  • Range: Karakoram Range
  • Elevation: 4693 m (15,397 ft.)

Lowari Pass

  • Connects: Chitral with Dir
  • Range: Hindu Kush Range
  • Elevation: 3118 m (10,230 ft.)

Malakand Pass

  • Connects: Chitral with Peshawar
  • Elevation:1362 m (4469 ft.)

Darkot / Darkut Pass:

  • Connects: Chitral with Ghizar
  • Elevation: 4703 m (15429 ft.)
  • Range: Hindu Kush

Tochi Pass

  • Connects: Bannu and Ghazni
    Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Elevation: 324 m (1063 ft.)

Broghil Pass

  • Connects: Chitral (KPK) with Wakhan (Badakhshan)
    Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Elevation: 3798 m (12,461 ft.)
  • Range: Pamir Mountains

Dorah Pass

  • Connects: Chitral with Badakhshan
    Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Elevation: 4300 m
  • Range: Hindu Kush

Shandur Pass

  • Connects: Chitral (KPK) and Ghizer (Gilgit)
  • Elevation: 3720 m (12,205 ft.)

Peiwar Pass

  • Connects: Kurram Agency of Pakistan with Paktia Province with Afghanistan
  • Elevation: 2615 m (8579 ft.)

Bashkaro Pass

  • Connects: Swat Valley with Ghizer
  • Elevation: 4294 m (16,155 ft.)

Muztagh Pass

  • Connects: Yarkand with Skardu
    China and Pakistan
  • Elevation: 7276 m (23,871 ft.)

Burzil Pass

  • Connects: Gilgit and Srinagar
  • Elevation: 4100 m (13,500 ft.)

Karakar Pass

  • Connects: Swat and Buner
  • Elevation: 1336 m (4384 ft.)

Kohat Pass

  • Connects: Kohat and Peshawar
  • Elevation: 855 m (2805 ft.)

Zargar Pass

  • Connects: Gilgit to China
  • Elevation: 427 m (1401 ft.)

Naltar Pass

  • Connects: Kaghan Valley with Chilas
  • Elevation: 4600 m (15,092 ft.)
  • Range: Karakoram Range

This is all the necessary information to prepare the portion of passes of Pakistan. You are suggested to go through this detail and then go towards the mcqs about the Pakistan map. In this way, you will be able to ace good marks in different competitive exams either one paper or PMS CSS Gk.