Important Boundary Lines in the World

Remembering about the International borders can help you to secure 1 to 2 marks in the world geography section of competition exams. List of important boundary Lines around the globe are given below:

Important International Borders

Radcliffe LinePakistan and India
McMahon LineIndia and China
Durand LinePakistan and Afghanistan
Blue LineLebanon and Israel
Siegfried LineFrance and Germany
Oder-Neisse LinePoland and Germany
Mannerheim LineRussia and Finland
Maginot LineGermany and France
17th Parallel LineNorth and South Vietnam
20th Parallel LineLibya and Sudan
22nd Parallel LineSudan and Egypt
25th Parallel LineMali and Mauritania
31st Parallel LineIran and Iraq
38th Parallel LineNorth Korea and South Korea
49th Parallel LineUSA and Canada

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