World Current Affairs MCQs

If you are preparing for PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, CSS, PMS or any other competitive exams then you should be familiar about the worth of current affairs mcqs portion. Every paper comprises of Pakistan current affairs as well as world current affairs mcqs along with other subjects of paper. So it is very important for all the aspirant to prepare this section of paper especially last 5 years international development, issues or any other international activity happened.

Important Topics of International Affairs

World current affairs mcqs also include

  • Current Presidents and Secretary Generals of Different International Organizations
  • Current Conference or Summit of International Organizations
  • Current Head of States and Governments around the world
  • Current International issues and events
  • Current Famous Personalities
  • Current Sports Events

and many others. From this page you can get all multiple choice questions with details.

Which of the following countries has deployed Army to Keep peace ahead of general elections on 07 Jan 2024?
a. Pakistan
b. India
c. Bangladesh
d. Palestine

Russia and Ukraine have announced the largest exchange of prisoners on 03 Jan 2024 is mediated by?
a. USA
b. China
c. UAE
d. Germany

What is the name of the HAMAS leader that is killed in Beirut attack on 2 Jan 2024?
a. Yahya Sinwar
b. Ismail Haniyeh
c. Saleh Al-Arouri
d. Muhammad Hanif

World Current Affairs MCQs

GCC signed Free Trade Agreement with ________ on 28 Dec 2023?
a. Pakistan
b. China
c. South Korea
d. Bhutan

Who has been re-elected as the President of Democratic Republic of Congo after getting 73% of the vote in contested poll?
a. Mobutu Sese Seko
b. Joseph Kabila
c. Felix Tshisekedi
d. None of these

Which of the following Asian Country has announced to make artificial sun by the end of 2026?
a. South Korea
b. North Korea
c. South Sudan
d. USA

Name the first ever Asian Country who has joined NATO CCD COE (NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence)?
a. South Korea
b. Pakistan
c. India
d. Sri Lanka

Who is the current President of European Union Parliament in 2023?
a. Roberta Metsola
b. David Sassoli
c. Antonio Tajani
d. Martin Schluz

Roberta Metsola belongs to which country?
a. Malta
b. Spain
c. Italy
d. Germany

Who is the current President of EU Commission 2023?
a. Josep Borreli
b. Ursula Von der Leyen
c. Ernst Albercht
d. Rishi Sunak

Ursula Von der Leyen belongs to which country?
a. Germany
b. Spain
c. Russia
d. Italy

Name the first ever woman who command US Nuclear Carrier?
a. Kamala Harris
b. Amy Bauernschmidt
c. Sophie Von der Leyen
d. None of these

15th OIC Summit is planned to be held in 2024 in?
a. Gambia
b. Riyadh
c. Morocco
d. Shinghai

France completely withdraw its troops from Niger on?
a. 20 December 2022
b. 14 April 2023
c. 17 September 2023
d. 22 December 2023

World Basketball Day is observed on?
a. 05 December
b. 11 December
c. 21 December
d. 29 December