Pre Partition History of Pakistan 711 AD – 1857 AD

Indo Pak History era consists of the different dynasties throughout the ages from 1206 to 1857. But before this the Indian subcontinent witnessed the arrival of the Umayyad Caliphate led by Muhammad bin Qasim. His expedition marked the first Arab conquest of the region introducing Islam to the subcontinent. Pre Partition history of Pakistan consists of three major timelines one is 711 AD to 1206 AD, second is 1206 AD to 1857 AD and third one that is most important part nowadays in one paper examination is 1857 AD to 1947 AD.

Important Topics of Pre Partition History

We have categorized Pre Partition history of Pakistan in different dynasties, Mughal Empire and Pakistan Movement 1857 to 1947. All are in different sections. The purpose of categorizing these sections is that everyone must clearly understand the different timelines of the history in British India and easily prepare for the exams.

Muhammad Bin Qasim711 AD
Ghaznavi Dynasty997 AD – 1186 AD
Suri Dynasty1540 – 1556 AD
Ghourid Dynasty9th Century – 1215 AD
Slave/Mamluk Dynasty 1206 AD – 1290 AD
Khilji Dynasty1290 AD – 1320 AD
Tughlaq Dynasty1320 AD – 1414 AD
Sayyid/Saadat Dynasty1414 AD – 1451 AD
Lodhi Dynasty1451 AD – 1526 AD
Mughal Empire1526 AD – 1857 AD
A Chronological Timeline | 1857 to 19471857 – 1947

Competitive exams like PPSC, FPSC, NTS etc., often include multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about pre partition history of Pakistan. These questions test the candidates’ knowledge about significant events, personalities and developments leading up to the partition of British India. So prepare well to secure good marks in one paper examination.

Pakistan History MCQs

Here are some of the most important mcqs about the history of Pakistan that does not fall among these dynasty but are important according to papers.

Pakistan History MCQs
Pakistan History MCQs

What was the name of the war that was fought betwee Mughal King Akbar and Rani Durgavati?
a. Mughal Conquest of Bengal
b. Mughal Conquest of Afghanistan
c. Mughal Conquest of Garha
d. None of these

The incident of Mughal Conquest of Garha took place in which year?
a. 1560 AD
b. 1564 AD
c. 1567 AD
d. 1601 AD

Rani Durgavati belongs to which Kingdom?
a. Kushan Empire
b. Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty
c. The Gond Kingdom of Garha-Katanga
d. None of these

What was the name of the Hindu Commander of Adil Shah Suri?
a. Birbal
b. Todar Mal
c. Himu
d. All

The Battle of Plassey was fought in which of the following years?
a. 1733 AD
b. 1757 AD
c. 1799 AD
d. 1801 AD