Pre Partition History of Pakistan 711 AD – 1857 AD

Important History Questions with Answers

The Battle of Plassey was fought between Lord Robert Clive and _____ ?
a. Daulat Khan
b. Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah
c. Sher Shah Suri
d. None of these

Nawaj Siraj-ud-Daulah was the Nawab of _____ ?
a. Bengal
b. Delhi
c. Agra
d. All

Ahmad Shah Abdali was the King of which of the following region?
a. Bengal
b. Kabul
c. Delhi
d. Agra

In which of the following years Ahmad Shah Abdali defeated Marhatas?
a. 1758 AD
b. 1761 AD
c. 1767 AD
d. 1789 AD

The battle fought between Ahmad Shah Abdali and Marhatas are named as?
a. Battle of Buxar
b. Battle of Kalyan
c. Third Battle of Panipat
d. Battle of Kalinga

Pan Islamism a political movement was introduced by which personality?
a. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
b. Shah Walli Ullah
c. Jamal-ud-Din Afghani
d. None of these

What was the real name of the father of Tippu Sultan?
a. Mir Jaffar
b. Fateh Ali
c. Haider Ali
d. None of these

Among the below mentioned years when was Sindh captured by the British?
a. 1836 AD
b. 1843 AD
c. 1845 AD
d. 1849 AD

In which year Punjab was annexed by the British Rule in Subcontinent?
a. 1836 AD
b. 1843 AD
c. 1845 AD
d. 1849 AD

What was the real name of Hazrat Shah Walliullah Dehlawi?
a. Nasir-ud-Din Ahmed
b. Qutb-ud-Din Ahmed
c. Zaheer Ahmed
d. Syed Ahmed Bralvi