Basic Computer MCQs

Basic Computer MCQs

Nowadays, the computer mcqs are very important in one paper examinations. Examiners in various tests like PPSC, NTS, PMS GK, CSS MPT and many others commonly ask questions about computer fundamentals. Sometimes they ask 15 to 17 questions but it can change depending on the position you’re applying for such as DEO, Computer Operator, Clerk, etc. In those cases the number of marks related to computers might be higher. Basic fundamentals of computer and Information Technology cover topics such as:

From here you can get topic wise computer MCQs for all competitive exams.

Computer MCQs with Answers

Basic Computer MCQs
Basic Computer MCQs

The term ‘Computer’ is derived from which of the following language:
a. Latin
b. German
c. French
d. Arabic

Which of the following technology is used in compact disks?
a. Electrical
b. Electro Magnetic
c. Laser
d. Mechanical

CPU is known as:
a. Brain of Computer
b. Heart of Computer
c. Backbone of Compute
d. None of these

Choose the correct one that Hybrid Computers can process:
a. Analog
b. Digital
c. Both a & b
d. None of these

VGA is:
a. Volatile Graphics Array
b. Video Graphics Adapter
c. Visual Graphics Array
d. Video Graphics Array

Father of Computer:
a. Augusta Adaming
b. Charles Babbage
c. Allen Turing
d. Simur Cray

Who is known as the mother of computer?
a. Ada Lovelace
b. Grace Hooper
c. Anita Borg
d. Radia Perlman

Father of Internet?
a. Joan Clarke
b. Margaret Heafield
c. Vint/Vinton Cerf
d. Adele Goldberg

Who is the father of Modern Digital Computer?
a. Paul Allen
b. Charles Babbage
c. Donald Knuth
d. Rob Zombie

Who is known as father of ‘Computer Science’?
a. Alan Mathison Turing 
b. J.H Muller
c. Blaise Pascal
d. Radia PerlmanWho is known as father of computer?
a. Charles Babbage
b. Alan Turing
c. Tim Berners-Lee
d. None of these

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