Basic Computer MCQs

Important Computer Generation Questions

In which generation of computers were microprocessor used?
a. First generation
b. Second generation
c. Third generation
d. Fourth generation

What characterized the fourth generation of computers?
a. Use of vacuum tubes
b. Integrated circuits
c. Microprocessors or VLSI circuits
d. Transistors

From which generation of computers operating systems (OS) were developed?
a. Second generation
b. Third generation
c. Fourth generation
d. Fifth generation

In which generation of computer was the GUI introduced?
a. Fourth generation
b. Fifth generation
c. Sixth generation
d) Seventh generation

When did the fifth generation of computers witness the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and parallel processing?
a. 1980s
b. 1990s
c. 2000s
d) 2010s

The term “VLSI” (Very Large Scale Integration) is associated with which generation of computers?
a. Fourth generation
b. Fifth generation
c. Seventh generation
d. Eighth generation

Which technology was used in the first generation of computers?
a. Integrated Circuits
b. Vacuum Tubes
c. Transistors
d. Microprocessors

The UNIVAC and ENIAC computers belong to which computer generation?
a. Second generation
b. First generation
c. Third generation
d. Fourth generation

When were vacuum tubes primarily used in computers?
a. 1940s
b. 1960s
c. 1980s
d. 2000s

The language used to program the first-generation computers was:
a. Machine Language
b. Assembly Language
c. High-Level Language
d. Low-Level Language