Everyday Science MCQs

Everyday Science MCQs

Everyday Science MCQs is a significant component of competitive exams like PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CSS MPT, PMS GK and other exams. The worth of the EDS portion in these exams cannot be overstated. Because it covers 5 to 7 marks in the one paper and sometimes it exceeded from 7 (depending on the testing agency). On the other hand, among all these exams this part of the paper is the favorite for FPSC. This section includes questions related to Vitamins, Human Body, Astronomy, SI units, Inventions and Discoveries, Biology, Physics, Atmospheric Studies and Chemistry. Here you will find most repeated and most important questions of everyday science. 

Everyday Science MCQs

Which of the following gas does a photocopy machine produce?
a. Helium
b. Ozone
c. Carbon Monoxide
d. Neon

Digestion of food is completed in the:
a. Stomach
b. Small intestine 
c. Liver
d. Large intestine

Which type of coal is used on mega scale?
a. Anthracite
b. Lignite
c. Bituminous
d. None of these

What is the total blood volume in an adult?
a. 5-6 liters 
b. 3-4 liters
c. 8-10 liters
d. 10-12 liters

Th least count of a Vernier caliper is?
a. 0.01 mm
b. 0.1 mm
c. 1.1 mm
d. 0.001 mm

Tibia is a bone found in which part of the body?
a. Ear
b. Hand
c. Leg 
d. Ribs

From which substance cell wall of plant cells are formed:
a. Carbs
b. Cellulose
c. Protein
d. None of these

What is the chemical symbol for gold?
a. Au
b. Ag
c. Fe
d. Cu

Pasteurization of milk depends on which factor:
a. Time
b. Temperature
c. Quantity
d. Both a & b

Which of the following has maximum water content:
a. Fruits
b. Sauces
c. Vegetables
d. Salts