World War II History | Allies Powers Vs Axis Powers

WW II or World War II was one of the most major and deadly conflicts in human history. It took place between 1939 and 1945 involved many countries and had a lasting impact. The information on this page will give you a concise and understandable review of WW2, outlining its main facts, a summary of causes, major battles, timeline, casualties the primary participants and its root causes.

Major Causes of Second World War

Several complex factors contributed to the outbreak of second world war:

  • The aftermath of World War 1 and the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 which imposed heavy penalties on Germany are directly responsible of the 2nd world war. Economic hardships and political tensions in Europe set the stage for Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. His conqueror ambitions led to the invasion of Poland initiating the conflict.
  • On the other hand, the Holocaust one of the most terrible incidents in human history occurred during WWII. The world was shocked by Nazi Germany’s systematic killing of millions of Jews and other minorities.
  • Nationalistic fervor and propaganda fueled militarism and conflict.

Major Battles

World War II witnessed several pivotal battles, including the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Normandy landings (D-Day Operation) and the Battle of Midway. These battles played crucial roles in shaping the outcome of the war.

Timeline and Casualties

The war was fought on multiple fronts most likely in Europe, the Pacific, North Africa and Eastern Asia. World War 2 started on September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland and came to an end on September 2, 1945, when Japan officially accepted defeat after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This global war involved nations from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas resulting in the tragic loss of millions of lives. It is suggested that between 70 to 85 million people including both military personnel and civilians passed away.

Countries Involved in the World War II

Allies Powers

United States: Entered the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.
United Kingdom: Fought against Nazi Germany, particularly during the Battle of Britain.
Soviet Union: Played a pivotal role in the Eastern Front against Germany.
France: Initially, France was one of the major combatants but was quickly occupied by Germany
China: China had already been at war with Japan since 1937 and formally joined the Allies in December 1941.

Axis Powers

Germany: Led by Adolf Hitler, it was a dominant force in Europe.
Japan: Expanding in Asia, it drew the United States into the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Italy: Under Mussolini, Italy joined the Axis Powers in 1940.

Which country played the biggest role in WW2?

The fact that WW2 was a global conflict involving many nations makes it difficult to identify the one nation that played the biggest part. However, a number of countries made important contributions that can be recognized as vital in all aspects of the war.

The United States

Despite the fact that numerous countries participated in the war the United States emerged as a superpower and was an important factor. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 the U.S. entered the war offering vital supplies, people and military forces. The invention of the atomic bomb which significantly contributed to the conclusion of the war as well as the liberation of Europe and the Pacific theater were all major achievements of the United States.

The Soviet Union

During the early stages of WW II the Soviet Union (USSR) and Nazi Germany were initially on the same side with the USSR occupying Eastern Poland. This changed on June 22, 1941 when Germany launched Operation Barbarossa for the purpose of invading the USSR. The next day the Soviet Union became allies with Britain and acquired US support. Following the defeat of Germany the Soviet Union entered the Pacific War against Japan. On August 9, 1945 they attacked the Japanese Army in Manchuria leading to Japan’s surrender eight days later. The role of the Soviet Union in World War II dramatically transformed it from a pariah state into a space bound superpower.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, particularly during the Battle of Britain, withstood intense bombing by the Luftwaffe (German air weapon) and played a critical role in the early stages of the war. The British Empire, including Commonwealth nations, also contributed significantly.

Who won world war II?

The Axis Powers were finally defeated as a result of united Allies efforts on different fronts from Europe to the Pacific.  The Axis powers which included Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy suffered a lot of setbacks & defeats. The suicide of Adolf Hitler and the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were essential phases that brought the war to an end.


At the end Second World War was a disastrous tragedy that greatly affected the world. The consequences are still being felt today. Understanding the facts, events and reasons of the conflict allows us to understand the importance of peace and diplomacy in preventing such horrible conflicts in the future.

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