National Highways & Motorway Police Jobs (NH&MP) 2024

National Highways & Motorway Police in Pakistan has announced 2331 number of vacant posts (BS-07 to BS-15) providing employment opportunities to the candidates around Pakistan. Among these 2331 Motorway Police Jobs 2100 are for Uniformed Staff and 231 posts are Non-Uniformed Staff. These job announcements typically include positions such as Junior Patrol Officers, UDC, LDC, Assistant, Stenotypist, Photographer, Field Assistant and Para Medical Staff. Motorway Police Jobs is a great opportunity for those candidates who have been waiting for this since a long time.

Motorway police jobs advertisement

The recruitment process for these positions often involves diligent selection criteria including written tests, physical fitness, interviews and medical examinations. Candidates are evaluated based on their educational qualifications, physical fitness, communication skills and suitability for the responsibilities associated with law enforcement duties.

Details of Jobs Opening

Following are the jobs and their Basic pay scale:

DesignationBSPostsAge Limit
Junior Patrol Officer07210018-25 years
Assistant150418-30 years
Stenotypist143518-30 years
Photographer134618-30 years
UDC133118-30 years
Field Assistant11118-30 years
LDC117718-30 years
Para Medical Staff073718-25 years

National Highway Jobs Benefits

Government jobs in Pakistan including the NH&MP offers several perks and benefits. Some of these perks include:

Job Security: The chances of job security is greater in public sector jobs as compared to private sector employment. Employees enjoy stable employment and are less responsive to downsizing.

Competitive Salary: Motorway Police Jobs often come with competitive salaries and regular increments based on performance and experience. This provides employees with a stable monthly income to support themselves along with their families.

Allowances and Benefits: Staff of National Highways & Motorway Police may be entitled to various allowances and benefits such as house rent allowance, medical allowance, transport allowance and pension benefits upon retirement.

Work-Life Balance: Public Sector jobs often provide better work-life balance with fixed working hours, weekends off and paid leave permissions. This allows employees to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

Social Status and Prestige: Job in this sector is often associated with social status and prestige within the community. Employees are seen as serving the public interest and sustaining law and order which can enhance their reputation and standing in society.

On the other hand Motorway Police offers additional perks and benefits including:

Specialized Training: Motorway Police officers receive specialized training in traffic management, road safety and law enforcement techniques furnishing them with the skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively on highways and motorways.

Modern Equipment and Facilities: The Motorway Police department is equipped with modern vehicles, communication systems and surveillance equipment to facilitate patrolling, traffic monitoring and emergency response operations on highways.

Opportunities for Public Service: Serving in the NH&MP allows individuals to make a direct impact on public safety and road traffic management by enforcing laws, preventing accidents and assisting motorists in distress on highways and motorways.

Teamwork: National Highways department encourage a sense of teamwork among officers who work together to validate the rule of law, protect citizens and ensure road safety for all.

How to Apply Online for NH&MP Jobs 2024?

Last date to apply for these vacancies is 25 March, 2024. The application process of Motorway Police Jobs is very simple. The candidates can apply through National Job Portal. Follow the steps and apply without any inconvenience.

  • Open the Google Chrome and search .
  • After this click on Sign Up button.
  • After this add your CNIC, Email and Password.
  • You will receive a confirmation email. You are required to activate your account.
  • The next step is to complete your personal information like your full name, father’s name, date of birth, blood group, weight, phone number, chest measurement, upload your recent photo and add your qualification from matriculation to your last degree. Additionally, also add your skill or any certification.
  • Also add your experience in any of private sector or government sector.
  • After completing all these information just click on complete your profile and select submit.
  • Now login to your account and select the position you want to apply for. Simply click on it.
  • You’ll receive an email after applying as well as you can see it on your profile dashboard.

Prepare Pakistan Studies, General Knowledge, Computer, Maths, English to qualify this exam.

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