Distinctive Names of Countries – GK

Distinctive Names of Countries – GK

In competitive exams like PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS, CSS MPT, PMS GK etc., in Pakistan one common area of MCQs based questions is the distinctive names of cities and countries. Candidates appearing for these one paper exams are expected to have a thorough knowledge about this. Understanding the distinctive names of countries not only demonstrate a candidate’s general knowledge but also highlights their ability to grasp unique aspects of the world.

List of Questions of Distinctive Names of Countries

Which country of the world is famous as Land of Cakes?
a. Japan
b. Thailand
c. Switzerland
d. Scotland

Which of the following country is known as Horn of Africa?
a. South Africa
b. Jamaica
c. Canada
d. Somalia

Land of Lilies is the famous name of which country?
a. Pakistan
b. Canada
c. France
d. Netherland

Which country is known as the Land of thousand Islands?
a. Finland
b. Venice
c. Indonesia
d. Greenland

Among the following countries which is called the Land of thousand Lakes?
a. Finland
b. Scotland
c. Denmark
d. Nigeria

Which country is known as the land of the Rising Sun?
a. Norway
b. Japan
c. South Africa
d. Russia

“Land of Midnight Sun” is the name given to which country?
a. Cuba
b. Libya
c. Norway
d. Mexico

Among which of the following country is known as “Land of Mighty Rivers”?
a. Rome
b. Nigeria
c. Nepal
d. Korea

Land of White Elephant is the name of?
a. Beirut
b. Peru
c. Thailand
d. None of these

Land of Fertile fields is the distinctive name of?
a. Pakistan
b. Algeria
c. Lebanon
d. Bangladesh