Basic Computer MCQs

Computer MCQs for PPSC Exams 

Web pages are interlinked by using
a. IP
b. FTP
c. Machine Language
d. Hyperlinks

What does CPU stand for?
a. Computer Peripheral Unit
b. Central Processing Unit
c. Control Processing Unit
d. Computer Personal Utility

Which of the following is considered volatile memory?
a. ROM
b. Cache memory
c. RAM
d. Hard disk

What does the acronym “GUI” stand for?
a. General User Interface
b. Graphical User Interface
c. Graphics Utility Interface
d. General Utility Interface

What is the function of an operating system?
a. Manages hardware components
b. Manages software applications
c. Manages both hardware and software resources
d. None of the above

Which unit is used to measure the speed of a processor?
a. Megabytes
b. Gigahertz
c. Megapixels
d. Terabytes

What is the purpose of an antivirus software?
a. Speed up the computer
b. Protect the computer from viruses and malware
c. Improve internet connectivity
d. Optimize hard disk space

Which port is commonly used to connect a printer to a computer?
a. USB
c. Ethernet
d. VGA

What is the function of a motherboard in a computer?
a. Stores data
b. Processes data
c. Controls peripheral devices
d. Connects and holds various components

What does the acronym “URL” stand for?
a. Universal Resource Locator
b. Uniform Resource Locator
c. Universal Reference Link
d. Uniform Reference LocatorA special software that is designed to perform a specific task is known as?
a. Application software
b. Operating software
c. System software
d. Utility software