List of Nicknames of Countries in the World

Understanding the distinctive or nicknames of countries in the world not only demonstrate a candidate’s general knowledge but also highlights their ability to grasp unique aspects of the world. In competitive exams like PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS, CSS MPT, PMS GK etc., one common area of MCQs based questions is the distinctive names of cities and countries. Candidates appearing for these one paper exams are expected to have a thorough knowledge about this.

Nick Names of European Countries

European CountriesNicknames
FranceThe Hexagon
BulgariaLand of Roses
AlbaniaLand of the Eagles
ItalyThe Boot
MonacoThe Rock
IrelandThe Emerald Isle
MaltaThe Honey Sweet Island
GeorgiaLand of Golden Fleece
MontenegroThe Black Mountain
IcelandLand of Ice and Fire
AustriaThe Alpine Republic
CyprusIsland of Copper
DenmarkLand of Fairy styles
AndorraThe Pyrenean Country
FinlandLand of Thousand Lakes
PolandLand of Fields
SpainThe Bull Skin
Vatican CityThe Holy See
SwedenThe land of Vikings
United KingdomLand of Hope & Glory
SwitzerlandPlayground of Europe
UkraineBread Basket of Europe
RomaniaLand of Dracula
HungaryLand of Magyars
GermanyLand of Poets & Thinkers
LithuaniaLand of Amber
KosovoYoungest European Country
NetherlandsLand of Windmills & Tulips
BelarusWhite Russian
BelgiumThe Cockpit of Europe
GreeceLand of the Gods
LatviaLand of Singing Nation

Nick Names of Asian Countries

Asian CountriesNicknames
PakistanLand of Pure People
IndiaLand of Diversity
AfghanistanGraveyard of Empires
BangladeshLand of Rives
BhutanLand of Thunder Dragon
IraqThe Cradle of Civilization
ChinaThe Middle/Central Kingdom
JapanLand of Rising Sun
IndonesiaThe Land of Thousand Islands/
The Emerald of Equator
Sri LankaPearl of Indian Ocean
MongoliaLand of Blue Sky
TibetThe Roof of the World
Saudi ArabiaThe Land of the Two Holy Mosques
PalestineThe Holy Land
TurkeyLand of four seasons
Singapore (City)The Lion City
ArmeniaCountry of Stones
PhillipinesPearl of Orient Seas
VietnamLand of Blue Dragon
MalaysiaTruly Asia
UzbekistanCrossroads of Central Asia
LebanonSwitzerland of Middle East

World Countries and Nicknames

Which country of the world is famous as Land of Cakes?
a. Japan
b. Thailand
c. Switzerland
d. Scotland

Which of the following country is known as Horn of Africa?
a. South Africa
b. Jamaica
c. Canada
d. Somalia

Land of Lilies is the famous name of which country?
a. Pakistan
b. Canada
c. France
d. Netherland

Which country is known as the Land of thousand Islands?
a. Finland
b. Venice
c. Indonesia
d. Greenland

Among the following countries which is called the Land of thousand Lakes?
a. Finland
b. Scotland
c. Denmark
d. Nigeria

Which country is known as the land of the Rising Sun?
a. Norway
b. Japan
c. South Africa
d. Russia

“Land of Midnight Sun” is the name given to which country?
a. Cuba
b. Libya
c. Norway
d. Mexico

Among which of the following country is known as “Land of Mighty Rivers”?
a. Rome
b. Nigeria
c. Nepal
d. Korea

Land of White Elephant is the name of?
a. Beirut
b. Peru
c. Thailand
d. None of these

Land of Fertile fields is the distinctive name of?
a. Pakistan
b. Algeria
c. Lebanon
d. Bangladesh