Sher Shah Suri – Suri Dynasty MCQs

Suri Dynasty is among one of the most important topics of Pre-partition history of Pakistan or Medieval history of Sub-continent. As there were a total of 07 rulers of this family that ruled in India but according to our paper point of view only questions related to Sher Shah Suri are important. We have compiled the most important and most repeated mcqs of this topic that will help you to better prepare for the upcoming exams.

Important Information about Suri Dynasty

Founder of Suri Dynasty: Sher Shah Suri
Last ruler of Suri dynasty: Sikandar Shah
Tribe: Afghan Origin
Suri Dynasty was the second Afghan Empire in India, First was Lodhi Dynasty
Total rulers of Suri dynasty: 07

Sher Shah Suri MCQs

Sher Shah Suri MCQs
Sher Shah Suri MCQs

Real name: Farid Khan
Title of Sher Shah was given by: Bahar Khan (Governor of Bihar)
Father of Sher Shah Suri: Hassan Shah Suri
Wife Name: Rani Shah
Children: Islam and Adil Khan
Born in: Sassaram (Bihar)
Birth date: 1486
Rule Time Period: 1540 to 1545
Farid Khan often called as: “Just King”
Died on: 22 May, 1545
Age at the time of death: 59
Death Place: Kalinjar Fort, India
Burried in: His tomb is in Sassaram.
Tomb Designed by: Aliwal Khan
Successor of Sher Shah Suri: Islam (His son)
Battles fought between Hamayun and Farid Khan: 02 (Battle of Chausa & Battle of Kannauj)
Famous Painters in his tenure: Mir Sayyid Ali and Abdu Samad. Both were persian artists and was invited in India during Hamayun Reign.

Famous Battles

The battle of Chausa was fought between Farid Khan and Mughal King Hamayun on:
a. 21 Jan 1539
b. 26 June 1539
c. 15 Nov 1539
d. None of these

The battle of Kannuaj was fought between Farid Khan and Mughal King Hamayun on:
a. 31 December, 1539
b. 29 Feb, 1540
c. 04 April, 1540
d. 17 May, 1540

The winner of both battles was: Farid Khan
Chausa: Location in Bihar
Kannauj: Location in Uttar Pradesh

Sher Shah Suri Reforms & Achievements:

He built Laal Darwaza.
He split whole empire into 47 divisions and named them as “Sarkars”. Besides he also split these divisions into smaller administrative units Known as Parganas.
He introduced land Reforms, Agricultural Reforms and New monetary Policy.
He also introduced 04 major central departments during his reign:
Finance Department (Diwan-i-Wizarat)
Intelligence Department (Diwan-i-Barid)
Military Department (Diwana-i-Arz)
Foreign Affair Department (Diwana-i-Risalat)
He built GT road (Grand Trunk) in 16th century.