Muhammad Bin Qasim | Invasion of Sindh MCQs

Muhammad Bin Qasim | Invasion of Sindh MCQs

The topic Invasion of Sindh or Muhammad Bin Qasim is important in the context of Pre-partition history of Pakistan. Because from this the Muslim rule and history started in the subcontinent. Basically, the era of pre-partition is divided into three major timelines that are given below:

So in this timeline we have to prepare all the major personalities, events, issues and development to prepare the history era.

Umayyad Dynasty MCQs

Here we covered all the mcqs about Muhammad Bin Qasim, Invasion of Sindh or Umayyad Rule that is important in perspective of one paper examination.

Born on: 31 Dec, 695 at Taif, Hejaz
Died on: 18 July, 715 at Mosul (Iraq)
Tribe: Banu Thaqif (An Arab Tribe)
Title: Amad-ud-din
Age at the time of war: 17 years old
Led by : 6,000 Syrian cavalry, 300 Camels while attacking on Daibul
Areas Captured by Him: Sindh, Nirun, fortress (called Sikka), Brahmanabad, Multan and Gujrat

Important Questions with Answers about Invasion of Sindh

Who was the founder of Umayyad Dynasty?
a. Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)
b. Hazrat Ameer Muaviya (R.A)
c. Hazrat Ali (R.A)
d. None of these

What city is held as the capital of Umayyad Dynasty?
a. Damascus
b. Baghdad
c. Tehran
d. None of these

Who was Muhammad Bin Qasim by profession?
a. Photographer
b. Poet
c. King
d. General

M. Bin Qasim belongs to which dynasty?
a. Ottoman Empire
b. Abbasid Dynasty
c. Umayyad Dynasty
d. None of these

In which year Muhammad Bin Qasim invaded Sindh?
a. 710 AD
b. 711 AD
c. 712 AD
d. 713 AD

Name the last Hindu ruler of Sindh among the given personalities?
a. Surya Devi
b. Jai SIngh
c. Raja Dahir
d. Chach

Battle fought between Raja Dahir and Muhammad Bin Qasim on the bank of Indus River was:
a. Battle of Aror
b. Battle of Aclea
c. Battle of Acragas
d. Battle of Alma

When did Battle of Aror took place?
a. 710 AD
b. 711 AD
c. 712 AD
d. 713 AD

Who was the governor of Umayyad Dynasty when M. Bin Qasim came into subcontinent in 8th century (711 AD)?
a. Hajjaj Bin Yousaf
b. Waleed Bin Abdul Malik
c. Suleman Bin Abdul Malik
d. Partab Raye

Who was the ruler of Umayyad Dynasty in 8th Century?
a. Habibat al-Uzma
b. Harith ibn Murrah al-Abdi
c. Waleed Bin Abdul Malik 
d. Caliph al-Walid