Lodi / Lodhi Dynasty MCQs (1451 – 1526)

End of Delhi Sultanate

Lodhi Dynasty was an Afghan origin dynasty and is known as the last ruling family of the Delhi Sultanate. It was the fifth and final dynasty of Delhi Sultanate and founded by a vigorous leader and the most powerful Chiefs of the Punjab Bahlul Khan Lodi. They ruled for 75 years starting from 1451 AD. The Delhi Sultanate came to an end after 320 years in the first battle of panipat against Babar that established The Great Mughal Empire in 1526 AD.

Lodi Dynasty Rulers

Bahlul Khan Lodhi1451-1489 AD
Sikandar Lodhi1489-1517 AD
Ibrahim Lodhi1517-1526 AD

Important Lodhi Dynasty MCQs

Who was the founder of Lodi Dynasty?
a. Bahlul Lodi
b. Nizam Khan
c. Ibrahim Lodi
d. None of these

Bahlul Khan Lodi was the former governor of _____ ?
a. Sirhind
b. Mewar
c. Agra
d. Kabul

Lodi Dynasty lasted for how many years?
a. 70
b. 73
c. 75
d. 80

Which Lodi Sultan relocated the capital from Delhi to Agra?
a. Hamayun
b. Akbar
c. Sikandar Lodi
d. Ibrahim Lodi

Islam Khan Lodhi was the ______ of Bahlul Lodi?
a. Brother
b. Father
c. Son
d. Uncle

Bahlul Khan Lodhi the founder of Lodi family was the governor of _______ ?
a. Sirhind
b. Multan
c. Bengal
d. None of these

When did Bahlul conquer Jaunpur?
a. 1451 AD
b. 1465 AD
c. 1479 AD
d. 1481 AD

Among the following Sultans who was the successor of Bahlul?
a. Ibrahim Lodi
b. Jalal Khan
c. Sikandar Lodi
d. None of these

Madan Al-Shifa or Tibb-i-Sikandari book on medicine was compiled in the era of:
a. Daulat Khan
b. Ibrahim Lodi
c. Sikandar Lodi
d. None of these

Name the Minister of Sikandar Lodi who compiled the book Tibbi-i-Sikandari?
a. Malik Khusrav
b. Mian Bhowa (Qewas Khan)
c. Jalal Khan
d. None of these