List of Famous Inventions/Discoveries and their Inventors

List of Famous Inventions/Discoveries and their Inventors

Throughout our lives we come across various famous inventions that greatly enhance our daily existence. From the television, telephone, lasers, washing machines, etc., these creations have significantly improved our quality of life. However, often we remain unaware of the brilliant minds behind these innovations, the individuals who have made our lives easier.

We have compiled a list of famous inventions/discoveries along with their respective inventors. This information includes details about when these inventions were made, the countries to which these inventors belonged and the year when they were made. Such General knowledge holds significant importance for a wide range of competitive exams, including PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CSS & PMS MPT and many other exams.

 Inventions and their Inventors 

Mobile PhoneMartin Cooper1973USA
BarometerEvangelista Torricelli1643Italy
Printing PressJohannes Gutenberg1448Germany
Periodic TableDmitri Mendeleev1869Russia
PenicillinAlexander Fleming1928Scotland
LaserTheodore H. Maiman1960USA
Malaria ParasiteRonald Ross1897British
TelescopeHans Lipperhey, Lyman Spitzer and Zacharias Janssen – later Galileo1608 ——-
WatchPeter Henlein 1511/
15th Century
Cathode Ray TubeFerdinand  Braun1897Germany
ElectricityBenjamin Franklin1752USA
Electromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday1831UK
GravitySir Isaac Newton1687England
LiftElisha Otis1853USA
Air ConditionerWillis Haviland Carrier1902USA
Acid (LSD)Albert Hofmann1938Switzerland
PH MeterArnold O. Beckman1934USA

Monroe Wall,
Mansukh C. Wani,
and their Colleagues

First in 1966 ———
Blood GroupKarl Landsteiner1900Austrian-born American
Anthrax VaccineLouis Pasteur1881France
CellRobert Hooke1665UK
TitaniumWilliam Kroll1940Luxembourg
AluminumCharles Martin Hall1886USA
Polio VaccineJonas Edward Stalk1955USA
LCDGeorge H. Heilmeier1960USA
Cholera VaccineWaldemar Haffkine1892Russian-French
Rubella VaccineMaurice Hilleman1969USA
Smallpox VaccineEdward Jenner 1798UK
Tetanus VaccineAlexander Thomas Glenny1924UK
Diphtheria VaccineEmil von Behring1913Germany
Tuberculosis (BCG) VaccineAlbert Calmette and Camille Guérin1927France
VitaminCasimir Funk1912Poland
HydrogenHenry Cavendish1766France
Ionic BondsSvante August Arrhenius1884Sweden
OxygenCarl Wilhelm1773Germany
RadioactivityHenri Becquerel1896France
SmartphoneIBM1992US Company
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg2004USA
Inert GasesSir William Ramsay1894UK
AspirinFelix Hofmann1897Germany
Calculating MachineBlaise Pascal1642France
Jet EngineSir Frank whittle1937England
MicroscopeZacharias Janssen1590Holland/Netherlands
GoogleLarry Page & Sergey Brin1998USA
World Wide Web (www)Tim Berners-Lee1989UK
RadioGuglielmo Marconi1901Italy
ThermoscopeGalileo Galilei1593Italy
Search EngineAlan Emtage1990Canada
EmailRay Tomlinson1971USA
YahooJerry Yang and David Filo1994
ThermometerGabriel Farenheit1714Poland
Air BrakeGeorge Westinghouse1869USA
CameraNicéphore Niépce1826France
Rocket EngineRobert Goddard1921USA
CalciumHumphrey Davy1808UK
NucleusRobert Brown1831UK
Homeopathy and allopathySamuel Hahnemann1810Germany
PasteurizationLouis Pasteur1864France
Synthetic RubberFritz Hofmann—-Germany
OsmosisJean Antoine Nollet1748France
TCP/IPVinton Cerf and Robert KahnUSA
TransistorWilliam Shockley
John Bardeen 
Walter Brattain


Electric GuitarJean Antoine Nollet1748France
Paper Bag MachineMargaret Eloise Knight1868USA
DNAFriedrich Miescher1869Sweden
RadarSir Robert Watson-Watt1939UK
TypewriterChristopher Latham Sholes1878USA

These are some of the most important discoveries and famous inventions that have made incredible impact in various aspects of our lives. These are also important according to one paper examinations’ point of view because examiner ask questions about different inventions, their inventors, discovery date, etc., in the form of MCQs. So prepare yourself with these important points and secure amazing marks in the exams.