Awarded Nobel Prizes

Wilhelm Conard Rontgen belongs to Germany and got Nobel prize in Physics. He discovered X-Rays.

1. Wilhelm Rontgen was a:
a. Mechanical Engineer and Physicist
b. Chemical Engineer and Chemist
c. Pharmacist and Scientist
d. None of these

2. Who is the first winner of Nobel Peace Prize?
a. Henry Dunant
b. Fredric Passy
c. Marie Curie
d. Pierre Curie
e. Both a & b

3. Henry Dunant belongs to which country?
a. New Zealand
b. Germany
c. USA
d. Switzerland

4. Fredric Passy who is known for his lifelong work for international peace conferences belongs to?
a. Russia
b. Rome
c. France
d. Philippines

5. Henri Becquerel, resides to France, got Nobel prize in which field?
a. Physics
b. Peace
c. Literature
d. Chemistry

6. Henri Becquerel discovered:
a. Light
b. Periodic System
c. Spontaneous Radioactivity
d. Electrolytic Dissociation

7. What is the relationship between Marie Curie and Perrier Curie?
a. Sister and Brother
b. Daughter and Father
c. Wife and Husband
d. Mother and Son

8. Marie Curie and Perrier Curie both were resident of France got Nobel prize in which field?
a. Chemistry
b. Peace
c. Literature
d. Physics

9. Name the one who got Nobel prize twice?
a. Sir Ronald Ross
b. Sir William Ramsay
c. Ivan Pavlov
d. Marie Curie (She is also the first women who won twice in two different sciences, Physics(1903) and Chemistry(1911)).

10. Sir William Ramsay (U.K) won prize in Chemistry by discovering inert gas elements and their places in periodic table in:
a. 1903
b. 1904
c. 1905
d. 1906

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