Awarded Nobel Prize MCQs

Short History of Nobel Prize

Before starting preparing for Nobel Prize MCQs one must know about the short history about it like how it get started and who started it in which year. Alfred Nobel who was supremely known as the inventor of dynamite was a Swedish Industrialist. Another great achievement of Alfred was the formulation of Nobel Prizes. In 1901 the Nobel prize was first time awarded to Wilhelm Conard Rontgen on discovering X-Rays. From 1901 to 1969, five types of Nobel Prizes were in the list of awards that are in the following domain like Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Peace and Physiology (medicine). In 1969, the sixth one is added in the list that is Economics.

Types of Nobel Prize

From its inauguration to till date several people are honored with these prizes along with cash prizes. The reason why we discuss them here is because in one paper examinations like PPSC, FPSC and others this is an important section of the paper. So for the candidates who are preparing to get government job can get all important Nobel Prize MCQs from here. On the other hand you can get current year Nobel prize winners name in our current affairs section.

Importance of Nobel Prize MCQs in PPSC Exams:

  • Recognition of Achievements
  • Understanding Global Issues
  • Encouraging Critical Thinking
  • Reflecting State-of-the-art Relevance
  • Enhancing Competitive Edge

The PPSC and FPSC examinations are highly competitive exams that determine the eligibility of candidates for several positions of government departments in Punjab and Federal Pakistan. These exams cover a wide range of subjects and topics including general knowledge, current affairs and important events in the world. Besides these topics questions related to the Nobel Prize hold significant importance due to their relevance and impact on global affairs. You can download or preview Nobel Prize MCQs PDF from below.