National and International Organizations MCQs

In the domain of competitive exams like CSS MPT, PMS GK, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, etc., in Pakistan, a fundamental understanding of national and international organizations along with their functions is essential. Some of the most important organizations are UNO, SAARC, OIC, FAO, ILO, ASEAN, WTO, EU, NATO etc.,  Among all these organizations UNO and its principal organs related questions is the favorite section of examiner. Our goal is to help candidates in not only grasping the foundational knowledge of these organizations and agencies but also in acing the exam with confidence. With an extensive array of MCQs ranging from the basics to the most important and frequently asked questions, we covered you all. 

Important Organizations

Following are the organizations that are most important according to one paper examination, CSS MPT and PMS GK. The trick of the examiners to ask questions is that they ask about the founding dates of several organizations, their total members, full form, headquarters, etc., You can get these questions here. Besides all these questions, they ask about the recent / current conference or summit (their numbers or place where they held) of various national and international organizations, their current heads, etc. From this you can visit our current affairs MCQs page where you can find about the current/recent information about them.

National and International Organizations MCQs
National and International Organizations MCQs

Basic Information about International Organizations

SCO Basic Information
Full FormShanghai Cooperation Organization
Founded on15 June 2001
Founding Members06
Total Members09
HeadquarterBeijing, China
Full FormSouth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
Founded on08 December 1985
Founded inDhaka, Bangladesh
Total Members08
HeadquarterKathmandu, Nepal
Full FormNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
Founded on04 April 1949
Founded inWashington D.C.
Total Members31
HeadquarterBrussels, Belgium
Full FormNon Aligned Movement
Founded on1961
Founded inBelgrade, Serbia
Founding MembersKwame Nkrumah
Josip Broz Tito
Ahmed Sukarno
Jamal Abdul Nasir
Jawaharlal Nehru
Total Members120
HeadquarterCentral Jakarta, Indonesia
World Bank
Founded:July 1944
AgreementBretton Woods Agreement
Founded inNew Hampshire, USA
Total Members189
HeadquarterWashington D.C.
Full FormInternational Monetary Fund
Founding Members44
Total Members190
HeadquarterWashington D.C.
Full FormInternational Labor Organization
Founded onOct 1919
FounderParis Peace Conference
Total Members187
HeadquarterGeneva, Switzerland
Full FormInternational Civil Aviation Organization
Founded on7 Dec 1944
Total Members193
HeadquarterBeijing, China
International Civil Aviation Day07 December
EU Basic Information
Full FormEuropean Union
Founded on01 Nov 1993
Founded inMaastricht, Netherlands
Official Language03
Total Members27
HeadquarterBrussels, Belgium
OIC Basic Information
Full FormOrganization of Islamic Cooperation
Old NameOrganization of Islamic Conference
Name Changed onJune 2011
Founded on25 September 1969
Official Languages03
Total Members57
Muslim Member Countries48
HeadquarterJeddah, KSA
ASEAN Basic Information
Full FormAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations
Founded on08 August 1967
Founded inBangkok, Thailand
Total Members10
Muslim Member Countries03
HeadquarterJakarta, Indonesia

Basics of National and International Organizations

G7 Basic Info
MembersUK, USA, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada
Non Enumerated MemberEuropean Union (EU)
Founded on:1975
HeadquarterNo Permanent Office
ECO Basic Information
Full FormEconomic Cooperation Organization
Founded on1985
Founding Members03 (Iran, Pakistan, Turkey)
Total Members10
HeadquarterTehran, Iran
FAO Basic Information
Full FormFood and Agriculture Organization
Founded on16 Oct 1945
Total Members195
HeadquarterRome, Italy
Full FormInternational Atomic Energy Agency
Founded on29 July 1957
Total Members178
HeadquarterVienna, Austria
Atomic Energy Day02 December
Full FormUnited Nations Environment Program
Founded on05 June 1972
Total Members193
HeadquarterNairobi, Kenya
Full FormUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Signed 1992
Enforced21 March 1994
Total Members198
HeadquarterBonn, Germany
Full FormUnited Nations Children’s Fund
Founded on11 December 1946
Total Members36 Members State
HeadquarterNew York, USA
IMO Basic Information
Full Form International Maritime Organization
Founded on17 March 1948
HeadquarterLondon, UK
Full FormWorld Tourism Organization
Founded on1946
Total Members160
HeadquarterMadrid, Spain
Full FormWorld Intellectual Property Organization
Founded on14 July 1967
Total Members193
HeadquarterGeneva, Switzerland

These are some of the most important organizations you are supposed to remember for competitive exams. Prepare them well and secure good marks to get your dream job.