UNO and its Principal Organs MCQs

The United Nations (UN), being a foundation of global diplomacy and governance, occupies a significant space in the General Knowledge section of competitive examinations. To empower aspiring candidates with a comprehensive resource for mastering the complexities of the UNO and its organs we proudly present a collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that serves as a vital key for candidates preparing for competitive exams in Pakistan. Designed to cover every conceivable aspect of the United Nations and its principal organs whether you are preparing up for CSS, PMS GK, PPSC, FPSC, NTS or any other competitive examination.

MCQs about UNO and its Organs 

When and where did Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin met and agreed to form United Nations?
a. Oct 1943 in Iran
b. Aug 1943 in Egypt
c. Nov 1944 in Sweden
d. Dec 1942 in USA

Which USA President coined the name of United Nations?
a. George Washington
b. John Adams
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. Franklin D. Roosevelt

When did Franklin D. Roosevelt suggest the name of UNO?
a. 25 June, 1945
b. 25 July, 1945
c. 24 Oct, 1945
d. 26 Dec, 1945

On which date the UN charter was signed?
a. 26 June, 1945
b. 27 June, 1945
c. 28 June, 1945
d. 29 June, 1945

How many countries signed the UN charter in 1945?
a. 45
b. 48
c. 50
d. None of these

Which of the following country first signed the UN Charter?
a. Canada
b. China
c. France
d. Brazil

When did Poland signed the UN charter?
a. 13 Oct, 1945
b. 14 Oct, 1945
c 15 Oct, 1945
d. 16 Oct, 1945
After Poland signed the charter, there were 51 founding member countries in 1945.

In which city of California the UN charter was signed?
a. Los Angeles
b. San Diego
c. San Jose
d. San Francisco

When did the UN officially came into existence _____ ?
a. 24 Oct, 1945
b. 26 Oct, 1945
c. 28 Oct, 1945
d. 30 Oct, 1945

How many principal organs of UNO are there?
a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 10

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