Pakistan Studies MCQs

When did Baluchistan become province:
a. 1948
b. 1965
c. 1970
d. 1973

Kargil war between Pakistan and India ended through which agreement?
a. Abraham Cord
b. Tashkent Declaration
c. Cultural Cooperation Agreement
d. Washington Agreement

Which Article of Constitution give Supreme Court of Pakistan the Suo Motu powers?
a. Article 41
b. Article 6
c. Article 184 (3)
d. Article 370

In Constitution of Pakistan 1973 which article is related to Zakat Affairs?
a. Article 31
b. Article 35-a
c. Article 70
d. Article 144 (3)

Fourth Constituent Assembly is brought into existence in 1966 by:
a. Z.A Bhutto
b. Ayub Khan
c. Zia-ul-Haq
d. Yahya Khan

Which of the following bank gave monetary policy in Pakistan?
a. World Bank
b. IMF
c. State Bank of Pakistan
d. Asian Development Bank

Jinnah Sports Stadium the largest stadium of athletics of Pakistan is located in:
a. Rawalpindi
b. Multan
c. Islamabad
d. Karachi

The First Finance Minister of Pakistan was:
a. I.I Chandrigar
b. Sardar Abdur Rab Nashtar
c. Malik Ghulam Muhammad
d. Iskandar Mirza

As the Governor General of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was succeeded by:
a. Iskandar Mirza
b. Liaqat Ali Khan
c. Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din
d. Muhammad Ali Bogra

The oldest regional language of Pakistan is:
a. Urdu
b. Punjabi
c. Pashto
d. Sindhi