Pakistan Studies MCQs

Faraizi Movement was started and led by:
a. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
b. Shabbir Ahmad Usmani
c. Haji Shariatullah
d. Zafar Ahmad Usmani

Faraizi Movement was started in:
a. 17th Century
b. 18th Century
c. 19th Century
d. 20th Century

When Muhammad Ali Jinnah was honored with the tile of “Quaid-e-Azam”?
a. 1930
b. 1938
c. 1946
d. 1947

Which of the following personalities give title of “Quaid-a-Azam” to Muhammad Ali Jinnah?
a. Allama Iqbal
b. Maulana Mazharuddin
c. Sir Agha Khan
d. Fazlul Haq

In which year Quaid-e-Azam joined Indian National Congress (INC)?
a. 1885
b. 1900
c. 1906
d. 1909

How many chief tribes are there in North Waziristan?
a. 03
b. 05
c. 07
d. 09
Utmanzai, Wazirs and Dawars

The first Hindu Dalit woman Krishna Kumari has become the senator in Pakistan. She represents which political party:
a. Pakistan Peoples Party

b. Awani National Party
c. Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
d. Balochistan Awami Party