International Treaties MCQs

Which country signed the Treaty of Sevres in August 1920?
a. Allied Powers and Ottoman Empire
b. Allied Powers and Japan
c. Allied Powers and Iran
d. None of these

Treaty of Sèvres was revised and replaced by which treaty
a. NPT
b. Geneva Accord
c. Treaty of Lausanne
d. kyoto protocol

On what date Treaty of Sèvres was revised and replaced by the Treaty of Lausanne?
a. July 22, 1923
b. July 24, 1923
c. July 26, 1923
d. July 28, 1923

The Warsaw Pact was a collective defense treaty formed by _______ in response to the formation of NATO?
a. UK & 6 other countries
b. USA & 7 other countries
c. USSR & 7 other countries
d. China & Pakistan

When was the Warsaw Pact signed?
a. 14 May, 1954
b. 14 May, 1955
c. 14 May, 1956
d 14 Mat, 1957

When did Albania leave the Warsaw Pact?
a. 1967
b. 1968
c. 1969
d. 1970

In which country the Warsaw Pact was signed?
a. Finland
b. Holland
c. Poland
d. Moscow

On what date NTBT treaty was signed?
a. 5 Aug, 1963
b. 6 Aug, 1964
c. 7 Aug, 1965
d. 8 Aug, 1966

What is the full form of NTBT?
a. Nuclear Transport Ban Treaty
b. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
c. Nuclear Teaching Ban Treaty
d. None of these

NTBT was signed in which city of Russia?
a. Kazan
b. Samara
c. Moscow
d. Penza