International Treaties MCQs

Where was the Accord Oslo II signed?
a. Taba
b. Washington D.C
c. Geneva
d. Vienna

The Oslo Accords (I & II) focused on the peace process between which two countries?
a. Israel and Egypt
b. Israel and Palestine
c. North Korea and South Korea
d. USA and USSR

The Treaty of Tlatelolco signed in 1967 is associated with the prohibition of nuclear weapons in which region?
a. Middle East
b. Latin America and the Caribbean
c. Southeast Asia
d. Africa

The Paris Agreement signed in 2015 focuses on addressing which global challenge?
a. Cybersecurity
b. Human Rights
c. Climate Change
d. Refugee Crisis

Which of the following treaties is associated with the commencement of the European Economic Community in 1957?
a. Treaty of Heiligen
b. Schengen Agreement
c. Maastricht Treaty
d. Treaty of Rome or EEC Treaty