International Treaties MCQs

Global Treaties Questions with Answers

Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty was signed between which countries?
b. France, USSR, Germany
c. USSR, Israeel, Iran
d. India, Pakistan, Israeel

Which treaty marked the end of the Cold War era?
a. Treaty of Versailles
b. Warsaw Pact
c. Helsinki Accords
d. INF Treaty

The Camp David Accords was signed in 1978 between which two countries?
a. Palestine and Jordan
b. Israel and Egypt
c. Israel and Palestine
d. UAE and Iran

The Kyoto Protocol intent to address which of the following global issues?
a. Tourism
b. Economy
c. Child and Youth Safety
d. Climate Change

When was the Treaty of Lisbon signed?
a. 1990
b. 2002
c. 2007
d. 2011

The Treaty of Lisbon is associated with the governance of which international organization?
b. WHO
c. EU
d. NAM

Among the following agreement which regulates international trade and aims to reduce trade barriers?
a. Treaty of Lisbon
b. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
c. Tashkent Agreement
d. Doha Accord

The First Oslo Accord for peace purpose was signed in which year?
a. 1985
b. 1993
c. 1996
d. 2001

The Second Oslo Accord for peace purpose was signed in which year?
a. 1995
b. 1998
c. 2001
d. 2005

Where was the Accord Oslo I signed?
a. Taba
b. Washington D.C
c. Geneva
d. Vienna