List of USA Presidents and their Parties

Constitution of USA:

The Constitution of America (the first written constitution of the world) was signed by 39 out of the 55 delegates on Sep 17, 1787, and enforced in 1789, establishing the framework for the American government. It defined a system of checks and balances, dividing power among three major branches legislative, executive, and judicial to prevent the misuse of authority. It also preserves fundamental rights and liberties, protecting individual freedoms and setting the stage for a democratic republic that has endured for over two centuries. Here we are going to discuss the name of USA Presidents and their parties but before this learn about these parties.

Democratic-Republican Party and National Republican Party

The terms “Democratic-Republican”, “National Republican” and “National Union Party” refer to different political parties in US history.

The Democratic-Republican Party, also known as the Jeffersonian Republicans, was established in the late 18th century and led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. They advocated for limited federal power, states’ rights, agrarianism, support social & economic equality, and strict interpretation of the constitution.

On the other hand, the National Republican Party was formed in the 1820s and was led by USA Presidents such as Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams. They were primarily characterized by their support for a strong central government, protective tariffs, and internal improvements. The National Republican Party eventually merged with other factions to form the Whig Party, while the Democratic-Republican Party evolved into the modern Democratic Party.

National Union Party and Republican Party

The National Union Party emerged during the Civil War era in the early 1860s. It was formed by a coalition of Republicans and War Democrats who sought to maintain the Union and defeat the Confederacy. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, was nominated as the party’s candidate for the 1864 presidential election. However, after Lincoln’s assassination, the National Union Party gradually faded away.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, has been a long-standing political party in the United States. It was founded in 1854 as a coalition of various anti-slavery factions and became a major political force during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. The Republican Party has undergone significant ideological shifts throughout its history but has generally advocated for conservative principles, limited government, free-market economics, and individual liberty.

In summary, while the National Union Party and the Republican Party may have had some overlapping members and goals during the Civil War era, they were distinct political entities with separate histories and identities.

Four American Presidents died in office:

1. William Henry Harrison (Pneumonia)
2. Zachary Tyler (Cholera Morbus)
3. Warren G. Harding (Heart Attack)
4. Franklin D. Roosevelt (Cerebral Hemorrhage)

Four Presidents of USA who were assassinated

1. Abraham Lincoln (Shot by the actor John Wilkes Booth)
2. James A. Garfield (Shot by Charles Julius Guiteau)
3. William McKinley (Shot by Leon Czolgosz)
4. John F. Kennedy (Killed by Lee Harvey Oswald)

Longest serving American president: Franklin D. Roosevelt (coined the name of UNO) lasted for 12 years.
Shortest serving in US history: William Henry Harrison lasted for 31 days.
Second shortest tenure: James A. Garfield for 4 months
One US president resigned from office facing impeachment (law): Richard Nixon

Now According to the 22nd amendment to US constitution no person may be elected president more than twice.

List of USA Presidents, their tenure and Parties

No.President NameTermParty
1George Washington1789 – 1797Federalist
2John Adam1797 – 1801Federalist
3Thomas Jefferson1801 – 1809Democratic-Republican
4James Madison1809 – 1817Democratic-Republican
5James Monroe1817 – 1825Democratic-Republican
6John Quincy Adams1825 – 1829National Republican
7Andrew Jackson1829 – 1837Democratic
8Martin Van Buren1837 – 1841Democratic
9William Henry HarrisonMarch 4, 1841 – April 4, 1841Whig
10John Tyler1841 – 1845Whig
11James K. Polk1845 – 1849Democratic
12Zachary Tayler1849 – 1850Whig
13Millard Fillmore1850 – 1853Whig
14Franklin Pierce1853 – 1857Democratic
15James Buchanan1857 – 1861Democratic
16Abraham Lincoln1861 – 1865Republican /
National Union Party
17Andrew Jackson1865 Р1869Democratic 
18Ulysses S. Grant1869 – 1877Republican
19Rutherford B. Hayes1877 – 1881Republican
20James A. GarfieldMarch 4, 1881-
Sep 19, 1881
21Chester A. Arthur1881 – 1885Republican
22Grover Cleveland1885 – 1889Democratic
23Benjamin Harrison1889 – 1893Republican
24Grover Cleveland1893 -1897Democratic
25William McKinley1897 – 1901Republican
26Theodore Roosevelt1901 – 1909Republican
27William Howard Taft1909 – 1913Republican
28Woodrow Wilson1913 – 1921Democratic
29Warren G. Harding1921 – 1923Republican
30Calvin Coolidge1923 – 1929Republican
31Herbert Hoover1929 – 1933Republican
32Franklin D. Roosevelt1933 – 1945Democratic
33Harry S. Truman1945 – 1953Democratic
34Dwight D. Eisenhower1953 – 1961Republican
35John F. Kennedy1961 – 1963Democratic
36Lyndon B. Johnson1963 – 1969Democratic
37Richard M. Nixon1969 – 1974Republican
38Gerald R. Ford1974 – 1977Republican
39Jimmy Carter1977 – 1981Democratic
40Ronald Reagan1981 – 1989Republican
41George H.W Bush1989 – 1993Republican
42Bill Clinton1993 – 2001Democratic
43George H.W Bush2001 – 2009Republican
44Barak Obama2009 – 2017Democratic
45Donald Trump2017 – 2021Republican
46Joe BidenJan 20, 2021Democratic

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