Distinctive Names of Cities in the World – Gk

Venice City in Italy is also known as ____?
a. The Isle of Pearls
b. City of Palaces
c. Queen of the Adriatic
d. Land of Spice

Which of the following city in the world is famous as City of Peace?
a. İstanbul
b. Baghdad
c. East Timor
d. Gambia

Manchester of Pakistan is the distinctive name of:
a. Quetta
b. Lahore
c. Karachi
d. Faisalabad

City of Seas is the name of _____ ?
a. Sydney
b. Miami
c. Honolulu
d. Perth

Which of the following city’s distinctive name is the City of Conferences?
a. Bern
b. Geneva
c. Basel
d. Lugano

Which Indian City is called Queen of the Arabian Sea?
a. Cochin
b. Visakhapatnam
c. Kochi
d. Kolkata

Which Indian city is called Gateway of India?
a. Ahmedabad
b. New Delhi
c. Mumbai
d. Jodhpur

Which city in the world is called City of Parks?
a. Austin
b. Charlotte
c. Memphis
d. Kiev

Which city is called the Pyramid City?
a. Cairo
b. Rome
c. Bradford
d. New York

Which city is known as City of Flowers?
a. Lhasa
b. Peshawar
c. Mumbai
d. Venice