Distinctive Names of Cities in the World – Gk

Other Names of Cities Across the World

Which of the following city is called the City of Dreaming Spires?
a. Oxford (UK)
b. Rome (Italy)
c. Durban (South Africa)
d. Bangkok (Thailand)

Which among the following cities is known as the City of Gardens in Pakistan?
a. Lahore
b. Sargodha
c. Peshawar
d. Quetta

Among the following cities of Pakistan which is Known as City of Saints?
a. Hyderabad
b. Bahawalpur
c. Jhelum
d. Multan

Which city of Pakistan is called Little Manchester?
a. Sialkot
b. Gujrat
c. Faisalabad
d. Karachi

City of Angels is ______ ?
a. Pak Kret
b. Bangkok
c. Pattaya
d. Wuhan

Which city in the world is famous as the Twin City?
a. Somalia
b. Budapest
c. Zalaegerszeg
d. Tihany