ILO Conventions | Purpose, Significance, Types & Key Features

ILO Conventions Types, significance, purpose and key features

Purpose of ILO Conventions The purpose of ILO Conventions is to establish minimum standards and principles that protect the rights of workers and ensure decent working conditions. By setting these standards, the organization aims to promote social justice, economic development, and peace. It provides a framework for countries to harmonize their labor laws and practices, … Read more

Evolution of ILO Conventions and Labor Laws

ILO Conventions - ILO Labor laws - ILO child labor - ILO labor standards - ILO occupational safety

Introduction The International Labor Organization (ILO) was established in 1919 as part of the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I. The primary objective of the ILO was to promote social justice and improve labor conditions at the conclusion of the war. To achieve this goal, the ILO conventions assigned with the task of … Read more

International Labour Organization | History, Standard, Role

International Labour Organization-ILO;ILO headquarter;ILO standard;ILO shape;role of ILO;ILO history and overview

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a notable organization of the United Nations that targets on promoting fairness and globally observe human and labor rights. Since it’s creation in October 1919, the agency has been working hard to achieve social justice. What makes it unique is its three-sided structure, which brings together governments, employers, and … Read more

French Revolution Timeline, Causes, Legacy, Influences

French Revolution Timeline, causes, impacts, leaders

The French Revolution was a time of great change in the history of the French Republic. It happened over ten years and completely transformed the country’s civilization and politics. Many different factors were devoted to the clash, and important leaders emerged to guide the movement. In this article, we’ll explore the French Revolution timeline, causes … Read more

Abraham Lincoln: A Legend in US History

Abraham Lincoln - 16th US President

Introduction Abraham Lincoln, widely known as one of the greatest leaders in American history, continues to be esteemed and remembered for his remarkable contributions to the nation. Born on February 12, 1809, in a log cabin in Kentucky, he rose from ordinary beginnings to become the well-renowned President of the US. His presidency, which lasted … Read more

List of USA Presidents and their Parties

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Constitution of USA: The Constitution of America (the first written constitution of the world) was signed by 39 out of the 55 delegates on Sep 17, 1787, and enforced in 1789, establishing the framework for the American government. It defined a system of checks and balances, dividing power among three major branches legislative, executive, and … Read more

Why was UNO established? | List of Secretary Generals of UNO

Purpose of UNO - Secretary Generals of UNO

The United Nations Organization (UNO) is a prominent intergovernmental organization dedicated to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among disputed nations, promoting international cooperation, and serving as a center for harmonizing the action of nations around the globe. It is the largest, most influential, most globally represented, and most powerful organization in the … Read more