Famous Books and Authors | GK

Famous Books and Authors | GK

Everyone wants to become a government officer but for this one must pass the competitive exams conducted by different agencies of department itself. If we talk about the testing agencies like PPSC and FPSC their paper is considered incomplete without asking questions about different famous books and their writers. These books from the past and present hold a significant value in these exams. So, for your convenience we have compiled the most important questions regarding famous books and authors in the form of mcqs.

Famous Books and Authors Most Important Questions

Who is the writer of “Friends not Master”?
a. Ayub Khan
b. Z.A Bhutto
c. Ethan Casey
d. Ch M.Ali

The book “If I Am Assassinated” is written by?
a. Stephen Cohen
b. Mohsin Hamid
c. Kamila Shamsie
d. Z.A Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto is the author of:
a. Great Tragedy
b. Moth Smoke
c. Daughter of the Destiny/East
d. Exit West

The book named “Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West” is written by?
a. Tehmina Durrani
b. Benazir Bhutto
c. Fatimah Jinnah
d. None of these

Identify the writer of “In the Line of Fire: A Memoir”?
a. Sadruddin Hashwani
b. Hussain Haqqani
c. Karen Armstrong
d. Pervez Musharraf

The author of the book “The making of Pakistan” is:
a. Khursheed Kamal Aziz
b. Bapsi Sidhwa
c. Karen Armstrong
d. Lawrence Ziring

“Jinnah: Indian Partition Independence” is a book written by:
a. Fatimah Jinnah
b. Bapsi Sidhwa
c. Syed Ameer Ali
d. Jaswant Singh

“Great Tragedy” and “The Myth of Independence” is written by which Pakistani Author:
a. Ayub Khan
b. Z.A Bhutto
c. Benazir Bhutto
d. Ch M.Ali

Who is the composer of “Pakistan: A Personal History”:
a. Iftikhar Ch
b. Hamid Meer
c. Imran Khan
d. Hassan Nisar

Who is the author of “My Brother”?
a. Fatimah Jinnah
b. Benazir Bhutto
c. Bapsi Sidhwa
d. Both b & c

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