Famous Books and Authors

History Famous Books MCQs

Stanley Wolpert is the author of:
a. The Emergence of Pakistan
b. Pathway to Pakistan
c. Jinnah of Pakistan
d. None of these

“Alive and Well in Pakistan” is a book written by:
a. Stephen Cohen
b. Ethen Casey
c. Lord Harding
d. Anna Sewell

“Pakistan: A Hard Country” is a book of which writer:
a. Anatol Lieven
b. Napoleon Hill
c. Joseph Korbel
d. Lewis Caroll

Which of the following book is written by Ch M. Ali?
a. Danger in Kashmir
b. The Emergence of Pakistan
c. India Wins Freedom
d. Pride and Prejudice

The biographer of “The Pakistan Army” was:
a. George Orwell
b. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
c. J. R. R. Tolkien
d. Stephen Philip Cohen

Spot the writer of “Pathway to Pakistan”:
a. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan
b. Hussain Haqqani
c. Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman
d. Ishrat Hussain

“The Military and Politics in Pakistan” is a famous book of:
a. Hassan Askari Rizvi
b. Firas Alkhateeb
c. K.K. Aziz
d. Ayesha Jalal

Name the composer of the famous book “The Great Divide: India & Pakistan”:
a. Emily Brontë
b. H.V. Hodson
c. Hector Bolitho
d. Stanley Wolpert

Name the publication of Waheed-Uz-Zaman:
a. Towards Pakistan
b. The Making of Pakistan
c. The Ethics of Islam
d. Lost Islamic History

Determine the biographer of “Pakistan: The Formative Phase 1857 to 1947”:
a. Khalid B. Sayeed
b. Ayub Khan
c. Mohammed Hanif
d. Mohsin Hamid