Famous Books and Authors

“Jinnah, Creator of Pakistan” is a book composed by:
a. Hector Bolitho
b. Mary Shelley
c. Jane Austen
d. Franz Kafka

The famous book Pakistan: The Heart of Asia is written by:
a. Fatima Meer
b. G. Allana
c. Liaqat Ali Khan
d. None of these

The book “If I Am Assassinated” is written by?
a. Stephen Cohen
b. Mohsin Hamid
c. Kamila Shamsie
d. Z.A Bhutto

The book named “Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West” is written by?
a. Tehmina Durrani
b. Benazir Bhutto
c. Fatimah Jinnah
d. None of these

The author of the book “The making of Pakistan” is:
a. Khursheed Kamal Aziz
b. Bapsi Sidhwa
c. Karen Armstrong
d. Lawrence Ziring

“Jinnah: Indian Partition Independence” is a book written by:
a. Fatimah Jinnah
b. Bapsi Sidhwa
c. Syed Ameer Ali
d. Jaswant Singh

“Great Tragedy” and “The Myth of Independence” is written by which Pakistani Author:
a. Ayub Khan
b. Z.A Bhutto
c. Benazir Bhutto
d. Ch M.Ali

Who is the composer of “Pakistan: A Personal History”:
a. Iftikhar Ch
b. Hamid Meer
c. Imran Khan
d. Hassan Nisar

Who is the author of “My Brother”?
a. Fatimah Jinnah
b. Benazir Bhutto
c. Bapsi Sidhwa
d. Both b & c

Identify the books of Mohsin Hamid:
a. The Reluctant Fundamentalist
b. Exit West
c. Moth Smoke
d. How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia
e. All of the above

“Pakistan between Mosque and Military” is a famous book penned by:
a. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan
b. Hussain Haqqani
c. Sadruddin Hashwani
d. None of these