Famous Books and Authors

Who is the Author of “Government and Politics in Pakistan”:
a. Ishfaq Ahmed
b. Bano Qudsia
c. Mushtaq Ahmed
d. Anwar Masood

“The Sole Spokesman” and “The Struggle for Pakistan” are books written by:
a. Ishrat Hussain
b. Mario Puzo
c. William Shakespeare
d. Ayesha Jalal

“8:50 Am October 8, 2005” is composed by:
a. Fatima Bhutto
b. Benazir Bhutto
c. Malala Yousaf
d. None of these

“Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Dilemma ” is written by:
a. Shamshad Ahmed
b. Ehsan Danish
c. Patras Bukhari
d. Abdul Halim Sharar

Determine the writers of “Modern South Asia”:
a. Kamila Shamsie and Bapsi Sidhwa
b. Ayesha Jalal and Sugata Bose
c. Jaswant Singh and K.K. Aziz
d. Ishrat Hussain and Ayesha Jalal

Famous Books of Ayesha Jalal

Democracy and Authoritarianism in South Asia
Nationalism, Democracy, and Development
Partisans of ALLAH
The State of Martial Rule
The Pity of Partition
The Cambridge History of Pakistan
Oceanic Islam: Muslim Universalism
Self and Soverignty

“A New History of India” is a book composed by:
a. Lord Harding
b. Stanley Wolpert
c. Lawrence Ziring
d. George Orwell

Which of the following book is written  by Stanley Wolpert:
a. Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan
b. Kartography
c. Ice Candy Man
d. All of them

Name the famous book of Tehmina Durrani:
a. My Feudal Lord
b. Moth Smoke
c. The Reluctant Fundamentalist
d. Home Fire

Modern Muslim India and Birth of Pakistan books written by:
a. Stephen King
b. Sheikh Muhammad Ikram
c. Ayesha Jalal
d. Maria Popova