Famous Books and Authors

Pakistan Famous Books Questions

Famous books and authors about Pakistan & Pakistani Famous personalities are given below:

Foundation of Pakistan book is written by:
a. Quaid-a-Azam
b. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
c. Syed Sharif-ud-din Pirzada
d. Mohsin Hameed

“Quaid-e-Azam: The story of a Nation” Is a biography of Quaid-e-Azam written-by ____ ?
a. L. Hamilton
b. K.K Aziz
c. G Allana (Ghulam Ali Allana)
s. None of these

The famous book Last Days of Quaid-e-Azam is written by:
a. Altaf Fatima
b. Hajra Masroor
c. Lieutenant Colonel Dr Ilahi Bakhsh
d. Naseem Hijazi

Thoughts on Pakistan is written by:
a. Z.A Bhutto
b. Ayub Khan
c. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
d. Ayesha Jalal

Who is the writer of “Zulfi of Pakistan”?
a. Muneeza Shamsie
b. W.W Hunter
c. Stanley Wolpert
d. Jazib Qureshi

Myth of Independence is written by whom:
a. Mahtama Gandhi
b. Liaqat Ali Khan
c. Z.A Bhutto
d. None of these

Who was the writer of the famous book “The Indian Musalmans” in 1871?
a. William Wilson Hunter
b. Stanley Wolpert
c. Ernest
d. None of these

Who is the writer of “Friends not Master”?
a. Ayub Khan
b. Z.A Bhutto
c. Ethan Casey
d. Ch M.Ali

Benazir Bhutto is the author of:
a. Great Tragedy
b. Moth Smoke
c. Daughter of the Destiny/East
d. Exit West

Identify the writer of “In the Line of Fire: A Memoir”?
a. Sadruddin Hashwani
b. Hussain Haqqani
c. Karen Armstrong
d. Pervez Musharraf